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Great experiences happen everywhere!

When was your latest memorable customer experience? Mine was last week in Amsterdam in a Museum and I recommend it to everybody!

You can tell that the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has really worked on its customer journey. Here is why :

Firstly, everything was nice and easy from the reservation till the end. That really is one of the basic requirements. The online booking is intuitive. At the museum, there was no waiting time and it is very easy to find your way throughout the exhibition.

Secondly, they have understood that the journey goes beyond the experience in the Museum and the digital and human experiences are integrated. For example, once you have booked your ticket you are guided to prepare your visit in order to make the most out of it (invitation to watch a video and access to further information on what you’ll find in the museum).After your visit, you receive an email to thank you, rate your experience and keep in touch (if you’d like to).

Finally, they really try to make you feel that your visit to the Museum is important and that you also have a part to play. The whole museum has a vey open and enjoyable architecture and offers various experiences (see the details of a painting through a microscope, listen to the reading of some of the artist’s letters, view giant and dynamic paintings on the walls,…). It goes far beyond the admiration of Van Gogh’s paintings. The visitor has an appointment with the artist and gets an opportunity to understand his genius and know his life.

Great experiences can happen everywhere, but it is always a question of design and practice to make it real!


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